The Abernathey Holdings Mission is Clear

To deliver the highest returns possible to our investors while adhering to longstanding principles of integrity and excellence. With over $100M in AUM, 80 investors, and hyper-focus in Class-A Self Storage, we are a family of partners that own the process and the assets, dirt to door.

What We Do

Abernathey Holdings specializes in the development and construction of Class A Self-Storage facilities throughout the Southwest. Comprised of vertically integrated, investor-owned lines of business, Abernathey Holdings controls the means of production, making it uniquely positioned to deliver growth.


How we do it

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AH maintains an internal land acquisition team and a network of real estate professionals to capitalize on opportunities ideally suited to the company’s demographic and geographic profiles.


AH is the owner and/or authorized dealer for all of its equipment and supplies, insulating it from price and supply chain swings, leading to better bottom lines.


AH owns and operates its own construction company, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality labor to deliver projects on time and in budget.


AH forms strategic relationships with leading self-storage and e-commerce partners to provide foundational support for its growth plans.